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Thanksgiving and Cultural Feast

Here at Nimitz, we are fortunate to have families from many different countries and cultural backgrounds. This makes Thanksgiving an especially fun time at our school.


Nimitz students celebrate Thanksgiving with the annual International Cultural Feast.  Families bring a favorite dish or dessert from their country/culture to share, and traditional Thanksgiving dishes such as turkey and mashed potatoes are also served.  Students enjoy a sampling of the world's cuisine at one buffet! 


Parents volunteer to help with setup, serving and clean-up.  Parents can also volunteer as Team Captains for their culture/country.  


This year will be different than previous years.  We are working to continue our events and build community, while supporting social distancing and virtual options. We'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas!


Sign up to help us create a fun, safe event.


Israeli food station


Kindergarteners sampling foods of the world


Foods from Japan

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