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What is the purpose of the PTA?

The Nimitz PTA strives to support and advocate for our children by partnering with staff, families, and the wider community to create a safe and healthy learning environment where students can excel and feel confident in themselves.


What events is the PTA responsible for? What does the PTA do?

We are responsible for coordinating events and programs to enhance our students education and experience at Nimitz. We do this through assemblies, faculty and staff support, teacher incentives, family events, educational family nights and social activities. Without your support these programs simply would not be possible. 


Please consider volunteering—even if you can only help with one event it will make a big difference. We want the best experiences for our kids.  All that we do contributes to a better, well-rounded education for our children. Help us to help your student - your support can make all the difference.


Why should I join the PTA?

Join for your child!  It's all about them - enhancing their experience and education at Nimitz.  The school can only do so much with the funds it has, so we supplement, enhance and advocate where necessary.  


How do I join the PTA and what is the cost?

Visit our Membership page, you can join online or via mail. Membership is only $15/yr.  


What happens to the dues we pay for PTA?

We must pay National dues, state dues and local dues. Any remainder goes toward our mission cause.


May I attend PTA events if I don't join?

Yes.  While we hope you do join the PTA to support our mission, all our welcome.  PTA membership provides more benefits and opportunities throughout the year that we hope you will utilize.


How do I become involved?

  • Volunteer for a task, event, or program

  • Make sure you've signed up for Corporate Matching through your employer

  • Join the Board


Do I have to come to school to volunteer?

Not necessarily, there are tasks you can do at home to help.  (Examples: crafting projects, assisting event logistics, even shopping...)


Can I only volunteer once in a while without being pressured to volunteer for future events?

Absolutely!  We do not pressure anyone into volunteering and that is a promise!  You can volunteer as much or as little as you desire. We appreciate your thoughts and suggestions.  We are thankful for your 5 minutes or your 50 minutes. We may ask you to volunteer for another event, but it's perfectly okay to say “No”. If everyone does a little, it goes a long way.  


What procedure must I follow to become a volunteer with the PTA?

Fingerprinting and background check, and TB test are required for many volunteer opportunities, particularly the ones taking place on campus. However, there are also many ways to help if you haven't met these requirements.

Who do I contact to volunteer?

Fill out the Volunteer Information Sheet, and receive volunteer opportunities via email, send an email to, or stop by the PTA table at any event to ask about ways to get involved.

When and where are the PTA Meetings?

PTA Association Meetings are the 3rd Thursdays in September, January, March, and May.

Who comes to the PTA Board meetings?

Board members are the Chairpersons of our standing committees, plus the Executive Committee (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer), the Faculty Representative and the Principal.

All are welcome at all PTA meetings; however, at a Board meeting only the board members are allowed to vote on any issues/questions brought before the board.  Non-board members are welcome to bring questions at any meeting.


What is a General PTA Meeting?

A General meeting is open to all.  Non-members may attend but are unable to vote on any issues/questions.


What happens at the PTA meetings?

The PTA performs many functions within the school community.  Each project needs a leader (and hopefully has one). This is the time that the leaders come together to share their plans, ideas and questions.  Leaders present his/her business as it comes active and solicits questions and/or concerns from the membership. Votes are called upon and executed as required to proceed in our slated business.


Can I volunteer even if I am unable to come to the meetings?

Yes, but we do ask you to attend the meetings when possible.  Attendance numbers are needed in order to make decisions and proceed with business. Your input is necessary to our mission.

How does the PTA raise money?

Our money comes from membership, fundraisers, and donations from families and local businesses.


What does the PTA do with the funds raised?

All of our fundraising projects are to fund a specific purpose.  There is no fundraising done just to have money in our account. Some funds do go to our general fund but every penny is dedicated to a specific purpose.

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