STEP 1:  Go to the following website:


STEP 2:  On the Overdrive site, you will be prompted to choose a site to sign in.

Pick : Chester Nimitz

Your Login = 6 digit Student ID Number (same as your lunch number, or find it on your Student ID card)

Your Password = 6 digit Student ID Number (same as your lunch number, or find it on your Student ID card)


STEP 3: This will take you to the CUSD Library digital home page.

VERY TOP:     Account (person icon) (tap this and see your BOOKSHELF which lists the books you borrowed and when they are due)

                        Help ? (tap this and get answers to questions you might have about how to highlight words, get definitions, write notes, etc.)

TOP:                Subjects (tap this and you can choose to see books listed by subject such as ALL FICTION or HISTORY)

                        Collections (tap this and see books listed by what is POPULAR or what is NEW)

                        Levels (tap this and see books listed by INTEREST like Middle School or READING like GRADE 6)

Choose one of the tabs in any of the 3 choices and select your book.


STEP 4:  Tap on the book you selected and you can choose to: 

               Borrow (tap this and this book will show in your BOOKSHELF)

               Sample (tap this and you can read a chapter to see if you want to borrow it)

               At the bottom, you will see a banner icon.  This is you Wishlist (tap this to add a book to your wishlist under your account)


STEP 5:  Once you choose Borrow, you can:

               READ the book immediately using the OVERDRIVE READ app or

               DOWNLOAD the book onto your device

               Choose to READThe book will be immediately checked out to you


STEP 6:  After you are finished with the book, you can return it by clicking the

RETURN TITLE  tab under the book icon in your Bookshelf.  If you do nothing, the book will automatically be returned when it is due.

The sooner you return it, the sooner others can borrow it.



            Tap the book cover for more details.  On the side, there is also a TUTORIAL

            Swipe right to turn the page forward.

            Swipe left to turn the page backward.

            If you swipe right, you will see the first page of the first chapter.

            If you want to get back to the main menu page, go to the CUSD tab at the top.

            If you want to add the book to your wish list, hit the banner icon

            If you want more information, hit the arrow. If you need help, tap the middle of the page. a picture of the book cover will appear.